Alessandra Morris is a Peruvian singer, songwriter, and actress who gained Latin American notoriety in 2008 as one of the 9 finalists in MTV’s La Zona de Combate. ​​​​She began writing at a very early age. “I started when I was 7. I wrote my first poem because I got bored in the car waiting for my dad.”

After studying advertising, she left university to dwell into music. During her involvement in MTV’s Latin American La Zona de Combate, she was named one of the best female artists of the year. Her original songs Me Pregunto, Una Extraña Forma de Amar , Hoy No Te Tengo and Dime Porque entered the Ourstage MTV charts. This notoriety led to the collaboration with the Ecuadorian band Mama Vudu and their track Ladrando (from the compilation album titled Motel Ultra). 

For a while after, she worked as a tech house DJ in venues across Lima, and studied music, she eventually left to pursue a professional career as a singer/songwriter in London, and started to perform in open mics under the pseudonym ZOPHY OHR, before transitioning to her new project titled Batsheva. In 2016 she released a series of Demos from the self-titled EP Zophy Ohr. Her songs have been played in several local radios including Shoreditch Radio and Reels Rebels Radio and has performed in different well known venues around London.

Morris grew up in a creative household: her father used to read poetry and play jazz and classical music on old vinyl records, and her mother, a painter and psychologist, always supported a career in the performance arts. Collaborating with various musicians across London, Batsheva’s sound bursts with orchestration and folk rhymes. Think of the lovechild of Florence and the Machine and Johnny Cash; throw in some Monsters and Men and you get the idea.